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for ABC Contracting Inc.
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Acme Corporation
5800 Academy Blvd. Suite 1903
Colorado Springs, CO 80928 

Maurice C. Jones
ABC Construction Company
1750 Industrial Lane Suite 3A
Castle Rock, CO 80703

Regarding:                                             Insurance Certification Deficiency Notice

Job #03-39 Greenway Hotel

Thank you for having your Agent, Broker or Insurance Company put your insurance information on
We appreciate your cooperation, but it appears your insurance does not satisfy our requirements, as shown below. In order to comply with the insurance requirements in our contract, please have your insurance policy(s) endorsed to meet the contract terms.
Commercial General Liability We Require Your Certificate Shows
  Primary Insurance Checked Not Checked
  Non-Contributory Checked Not Checked
  Policy Aggregate 3,000,000 2,000,000
Workers Compensation We Require Your Certificate Shows
  Current policy Policy in force Policy Expired
As soon as these changes are made, and are posted to, please notify us so we can verify its completion.
Thank you for your prompt cooperation.
Robert Frost
cc: Construction Insurance Brokerage Service,  Colorado State Compensation Insurance Fund
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