is a complete insurance certificate management system with integrated risk management functions. It uses the Internet for data entry by agents, instant access by recipients, and E-Mail notices of cancellation, reinstatement and non-renewal of policies. eliminates the need for agents to print and mail and/or fax millions of documents each year, while giving recipients faster and more complete insurance information. automates the process of comparing certificates to each recipients’ insurance requirements, thereby reducing errors, increasing security, and virtually eliminating the need for busy managers and staff to become insurance experts, as well.

HISTORY was created in 1999 by a commercial insurance broker, who, like the rest of the insurance community, saw the need for a better way for agents and brokers to certify their clients’ insurance coverage to the clients’ customers. Many millions of paper certificates are issued every year to prove, (as examples), to a contractor that his subcontractor is properly insured, to a property manager that his service providers are covered, to vendors and manufacturers that component manufacturers carry product liability, and to banks and financial institutions that their collateral is protected. Our founder realized one important fact: the recipients of these certificates really need data, not paper.

The Internet is ideal for transmitting certificate data, but we needed to go beyond using technology to issue paper more efficiently. We created as a relational database, accessible over the Internet to both Agents, (to enter information), and those who need to receive certificates, "Certificate Holders." The company insured, ("Insured"), does not want to constantly request certificates or do the certificates himself, (after all, the Agent works for the Insured!).

Although insurance data is not as sensitive as bank records or credit card numbers, there is still a need for confidentiality, so we built in sophisticated security measures, so that a Certificate Holder cannot see a certificate without receiving permission from the Insured, in the form of both an Access Code and Password. This system also keeps agents and insurers from seeing information entered by other agents. After responding to thousands of certificate requests, our founder knew that Certificate Holders are very worried about not being notified if a policy is cancelled, so we built in automatic e-mail notification of cancellation.

Our founder also knew, after 27 years in the business, that most Certificate Holders are not insurance people, and do not want to study insurance certificates. Certificate Holders just want to know if an Insured’s coverages are valid and meet their minimum requirements! So, we designed to allow Certificate Holders to enter, only once, their own minimum insurance requirements, and to compare these minimums to every certificate viewed. We also designed a "Compliance Report" that tells the Certificate Holder the status of each coverage for each Insured, all on one report. And for those who want to look ahead at upcoming policy expirations, (to check to be sure policies are renewed), we designed the "Expiration Report."

As an Agent himself, our founder is very sensitive to the needs of agents, who are constantly interrupted for certificates, all of which are "urgent." We designed the system so that once the Agent enters the certificate data, and gives the Access Code and Password to the Insured, his job is done, and he can get back to productive work. We also designed an expiration report for the Agent, showing only those coverages for which he is the agent, to help the Agent track what is in the system, and as a renewal reminder. has been enthusiastically received by those to whom it has been presented, and we look forward to hearing that it has helped your firm, as well. Please be sure to read the "Information for ..." section appropriate for you – they also contain instructions on how to use the system – but if you need help, press "Contact Us" and send us your questions.